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Audi Premier Purchase Program


To provide Audi new car clients with a low fixed rate installment package option that combines the ownership features of Retail Financing with the lower payments and short term associated with a Lease with several distinct advantages.    

Eligible Vehicles:

New and untitled Audi's with 10,000 miles or less: Demos are eligible.


  • No lender acquisition fee:  Save: $695
  • No security deposit: Amount of 1st payment.
  • ZERO Down is available!
  • 1st payment not due at inception: Can go out to 45 days.
  • Terms from 12-42 months.
  • Interest Rate vs. Money factor

Standard Mileage Options: Extended miles beyond 15k are available.

7,500,  10,000, 12,000 & 15,000

Lower limits on auto insurance ($25K, $50K, $25K)

Leasing limits ($100K, $300K, $500K)

Greater advance limits compared to 72 month purchase.

Customer owns the vehicle - NOT the leasing company.

Tax advantages:

Pay taxes only once on the value of the vehicle - even if you keep it at the end, 

If customer moves out of state, they do not have to pay monthly taxes.

If customer trades vehicle in, they will receive a tax credit on both ends.

Compared to a lease: customer pays the entire tax for the vehicle up front.  They do not receive tax credit in the future.  If they purchase at the end of the lease, they are required to pay taxes again on the current value of the vehicle at the time of purchase. 

End of Term Options:

* Turn in keys and walk away! No liability.

* Sell the car!

* Trade the car!

* Refinance the balance at VIP rates and keep the car!

Please ask your Gerald Jones Audi Brand Specialist for full details or use the contact for to the right for more info or a custom quote.

Premier Purchase Quote

Premier Purchase Quote


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